3 Ways To Warm Up A Space

The holiday season has come and gone and so have your festive decorations. But winter is still here leaving our homes feeling a bit cold and bare. So the question is, how do we warm up our spaces without leaving our Christmas wreath on the wall? A winter house should be a cozy home! Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean your home has to pay the price. Stay warm this season with colorful wall decor, throw rugs,  pillows and blankets that will make you want to cozy up on the couch and relax by the fire all season long.

Wall decor is a great way to warm up a space. Mixing colorful plates and frames can take the empty wall your Christmas wreath was hanging on and make it great it again. We understand that hanging up frames and fragile plates can be a somewhat daunting task. Display Buddie is a great tool to help you hang anything on your wall. It’s easy to use and will make hanging your favorite plate a breeze.

Display Buddie can hang plates like these.

Throw rugs are another great way to warm up a space and they can help keep your toes warm! Adding a runner in your hallway or an area rug to your living room can warm up a space nicely. Not to mention, rugs can help save you some money on your heating bill too.

Display Buddie can hang framed pictures too.

Last but not least, decorative comfy pillows and fuzzy blankets will make your couch feel and look like a retreat. You can find great sales at most big box stores after the holidays on these types of items. We say the more pillows and blankets, the better.

Pillows and Throw

Keep the winter theme alive in your home to get you through the last few of months of cold weather. Don’t worry, spring is right around the corner and we’ll have plenty of fresh ideas to offer you when it gets here.

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