5 Easy Tips for Spring Decorating

Ahh Spring is in the air! We love this time of year for obvious reasons. But sunshine and decorating are just a few of our favorite spring time things.  Time to change out those warm tones with airy pastels or bold bright patterns! Here are 5 easy tips for making your house feel more like spring.

Tip #1 Add Some Greenery to Your Space. We love the loose look of fresh cut flowers from the garden. It can give a table or a wall (yes we said a wall) a light and airy feel. If your looking to change up your walls art, think about hanging a vase or vases with freshly picked flowers.

Spring Time

Tip #2 Mirrors to Brighten. Mirrors are a great way to brighten up a space. Use large standing mirrors or hang smaller ones to draw in light. Now that the sun is out longer, why not make it stay brighter in your rooms too?

Large Mirrors Can Make Rooms Brighter

Tip #3 Use What You Have. Make use of what you already have by putting it to work in a different space. Maybe you love a certain platter or plate that was gifted to you but don’t have space for it in your cabinets. Try hanging your favorite display platters or plates on your walls. The brighter floral plates would look especially fun for spring!

Display Buddie Plate Hanger

Tip #4 Swap Out the Couch. Just kidding, who has time to do that? Instead, using a slip cover can totally change up a living room. For the spring theme, choose a lighter color slip cover to give your couch a light and airy look and feel!

Couch Cover

Tip #5 Throw Down for Your Floor. Adding soft cushy area rugs can brighten up your hardwood floors. Try and find a rug that ties in with your new slip cover!


Floor Rug

If you are looking to hang different or unusual items on your wall without putting a large whole through it, give the Display Buddie a try. It can hang plates, platters, mirrors, vases, and much more. Visit the Display Buddie website today.

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