Barbie Collectibles on Display

There is no doubt that Barbies are what dreams are made for little girls. I remember being a young girl and how excited I was anytime I was gifted a Barbie. With that said, there was always that one Aunt who liked to give me the collector’s edition Barbie Dolls. As amazing as those were, I was told not to open them! They were collectors items so I had to keep them in their packages of course. Unfortunately, I never had a place to put these forever collectors items. So, I would stick them in a box in the back of my closet. What a waste!

If you are a collector or just looking for decorative pieces for a children’s room, special edition Barbies are a great way to spice up a room. Save space and show off your collection by using the wall hanger, Display Buddie.

This Display Buddie is a space saving tool to help you put those special dolls on display. Because the Display Buddie can hang three dimensional products and items, it’s perfect for hanging up your favorite collectors edition Barbie Dolls.

Select any image to see how the entire wall can look with your favorite collection on display!

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