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Hanging Plates Like a Professional

Getting Started

Plates can be wonderful alternatives to portraits, paintings and photographs when it comes to hanging items on your wall. Many assume you should only hang plates in a kitchen or dining room but you can hang plates in any room in your house and make them a statement piece. Ever wonder how you can get that professional design? Here are some easy to remember interior design tips, that can take your wall to the next level. With the right patterns and pallet, you can display plates like a pro.

Large Displays

For larger, more dynamic displays, think of incorporating a focal point. You want to draw the eye but still have the display be a statement. In drawing 2B, you can see the the vase on the shelf creates a central focal point. In drawing 1A and 3C, we’re using a larger and different shaped platter for the focal point.

Weighted Look

If you don’t have as much space to work with you can still make a statement with plates and platters.  When hanging plates on a wall think about visual weights. In the photo below, your eyes are drawn to the bottom of the photo, where the largest or “heaviest” plate is.  This look is weighted and draws the eyes down. Also note, this pattern is diamond shaped.

Pendulum Look

For a weighted pendulum look, offset your plates to the right or left.


Looking for a stacked look? Try placing the larger or darker plate on top and the smaller plates on the bottom. To get an off centered or curved look, offset your plates to the right or left.

Smaller Space

If you are working with a wall that is over a door or entry way, think wider. You can obtain a triangle shape pattern by placing a larger round bowl on the bottom with three smaller plates on top. Try to use three plates when going for this look, just two on the top could give off a Mickey Mouse vibe.

Many folks who use the Display Buddie have beautiful and uniquely designed plates. Sometimes, one pattern is completely different than the next. When displaying these types of plates you’ll want to create groupings where your eye is drawn to the center of the display. Ideally, you’ll want your favorite plate in the middle.

A little interior design knowledge can go a long way when it comes to hanging plates on your wall. Making it easy to get the professional look!

All Plate Displays Tell A Story

Creating Display Buddie was a fun and creative moment in my life. I wanted to hang a vintage Chinese tray that my father had given me but it is delicate and deserved a proper hanging solution that showcased it’s beauty rather than overwhelmed it with some sort of heavy “decorative” hanging device. Once I understood how I could hang the tray with a prototype of Display Buddie I realized my invention would also hang my collection of Italian ceramic plates and platters…. And more.

Both the Chinese tray and Italian plate displays, while completely different from each other in style and age, remind me of special moments in my life, and I love to have them on view in my home. What I didn’t expect from inventing Display Buddie was the feeling of satisfaction that comes to me when I hear and see how Customers use them for Plate Displays in their own homes.