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Plate wall decor with Coywolf Studio

Hanging your favorite bowls as wall decor can be a lot more fun when you find an artist whose work is both functional and humorous… hands down fav: Coywolf Studio!

I was first turned on to Ian’s ceramics when my customer hung one of his “V-bowls” on her wall using a Medium Display Buddie. Coincidentally I also saw his work at the terrific new home of the Society of Arts and Crafts on Pier 4 in Boston.

Barbie Collectibles on Display

There is no doubt that Barbies are what dreams are made for little girls. I remember being a young girl and how excited I was anytime I was gifted a Barbie. With that said, there was always that one Aunt who liked to give me the collector’s edition Barbie Dolls. As amazing as those were, I was told not to open them! They were collectors items so I had to keep them in their packages of course. Unfortunately, I never had a place to put these forever collectors items. So, I would stick them in a box in the back of my closet. What a waste!

All Plate Displays Tell A Story

Creating Display Buddie was a fun and creative moment in my life. I wanted to hang a vintage Chinese tray that my father had given me but it is delicate and deserved a proper hanging solution that showcased it’s beauty rather than overwhelmed it with some sort of heavy “decorative” hanging device. Once I understood how I could hang the tray with a prototype of Display Buddie I realized my invention would also hang my collection of Italian ceramic plates and platters…. And more.

Both the Chinese tray and Italian plate displays, while completely different from each other in style and age, remind me of special moments in my life, and I love to have them on view in my home. What I didn’t expect from inventing Display Buddie was the feeling of satisfaction that comes to me when I hear and see how Customers use them for Plate Displays in their own homes.