All Plate Displays Tell A Story

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All Plate Displays Tell A Story

Creating Display Buddie was a fun and creative moment in my life. I wanted to hang a vintage Chinese tray that my father had given me but it is delicate and deserved a proper hanging solution that showcased it’s beauty rather than overwhelmed it with some sort of heavy “decorative” hanging device. Once I understood how I could hang the tray with a prototype of Display Buddie I realized my invention would also hang my collection of Italian ceramic plates and platters…. And more.

Both the Chinese tray and Italian plate displays, while completely different from each other in style and age, remind me of special moments in my life, and I love to have them on view in my home. What I didn’t expect from inventing Display Buddie was the feeling of satisfaction that comes to me when I hear and see how Customers use them for Plate Displays in their own homes.

Recently I learned from a customer that Display Buddies can be used for Plate Displays and to solve a “problem.” Here my Customer uses vintage plates to design an eye-catching piece of wall decor, which also serves the practical purpose of creating a stove back-splash.

A touching tribute was created by this Customer using Display Buddies… he wanted his two beloved dogs’ photos and matching Bowl Displays to have pride of place on a wall in his home.

This Customer collects and displays antique plates and platters. She loves to bring them down off the wall and use them for large family meals at the holidays. This past week she bought 2 more Display Buddies since she is adding more Display Plates to this collection for Thanksgiving!

Each Plate Display photo tells a miniature story about my Customer’s lives and what’s important to them.  I am grateful that they chose to share them with me.

Wall Display Ideas for Winter

Plate Hangers: a Home Décor Budget Basic

The holidays are around the corner and many of us start thinking about our home space and what shape it’s in for inviting friends and family over for meals, parties or just a cozy cup of cocoa and a chat.

One simple way to refresh your space for the holidays, and do it on a budget, is to use Plate Hangers, like Display Buddie, to hang your own collection of plates and platters on a wall.

If you are like me, you have accumulated plates and platters over the years, either through gift-giving events, inheritance, or simply because you see a beautiful platter and have to have it!

Unfortunately, many of these beautiful plates and platters end up in cupboards and drawers waiting for a special food event to bring them out of hiding. Instead of waiting for that event, why not use Display Buddie Plate Hangers to hang a selection of your beautiful plates and platters on a focal point wall in your home? It’s an easy project to complete in less than 30 minutes using Display Buddie, and the cost is minimal for such a quick transformation

Once you’ve completed this simple, budget-friendly project using Display Buddie Plate Hangers with your own plates and platters, your home space will feel newly decorated and ready for holiday entertaining!

An unexpected bonus of Display Buddie Plate Hangers is that they can be used over and over again. So that stunning selection of your Great Aunt’s antique Oyster plates that you’ve hung over the sideboard in the Dining Room, can be taken down for your special dinner and then hung back up afterward by re-attaching the Display Buddie Plate Hangers.

Since it’s already November, there’s no time to lose! Here are a few decorating ideas for using Display Buddie plate hangers with a variety of plates and platters:


 Wall Display Ideas for Winter