How to Wall Mount a Vase with Display Buddie

Everything is starting to feel “dry”… my hair, my skin, my cat’s “static-y” fur… I just have to have a breath of Spring and I think it will make me feel happy and rejuvenated. Buying that first bunch of tulips for the year is the perfect solution and I know how I like them displayed. Hanging! That’s right. I hang my vase of flowers on my wall. It’s easy with Display Buddie. It’s so creative and such an attention grabber. Everyone asks me how I did it, so I’m going to show you how.

First, I picked up this gorgeous Nate Berkus Vase at Target.


Then, using a pair of needle nose pliers, I made some adjustments to a small Display Buddie, pushing the armature inward slightly so they are not wider than the vase.

I then use the needle nose pliers to open the top hooks slightly so they slide over the edge of the vase.
Using the same pliers I open up the bottom hooks slightly so they form an “L” shape shelf for the bottom of the vase.
Display Buddie is in place and the cord lock has been tightened.
Any excess cord can be trimmed or tucked away. Now I’ll nail a picture hook into the wall and hang my vase.
That’s it! And you can do it too! Buy your first bouquet of the year, find the perfect spot on your wall, and let Display Buddie bring a bit of color and joy into your day.
Isn’t it gorgeous? Here’s the side view as well.
That’s not all Display Buddie can do! Stop by my uses page and see for yourself.
Already know you want one? Click here to buy!


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