Plate wall decor with Coywolf Studio

Kitchen decor with Display Buddie and Coywolf Studio plate
Kitchen decor with Display Buddie and Coywolf Studio plate

Hanging your favorite bowls as wall decor can be a lot more fun when you find an artist whose work is both functional and humorous… hands down fav: Coywolf Studio

Ian's creative space
Ian’s creative space

I was first turned on to Ian’s ceramics when my customer hung one of his “V-bowls” on her wall using a Medium Display Buddie.  Coincidentally I also saw his work at the terrific new home of the Society of Arts and Crafts on Pier 4 in Boston. 

Recently I had a chance to chat with Ian about his inspiration and business:

How did you become interested in ceramics?
Since childhood I had always loved playing with modeling clay and visiting paint-your-own-pottery shops.  In High School I took “Intro to Ceramics” because it was all that would fit in my schedule senior year and immediately fell in love with the medium.  I ended up going to Rhode Island School of Design for Illustration but quickly transferred to Ceramics after completely losing myself in a pottery class my freshman year.

Yep, mugs are popular!
Yep, mugs are popular!

Do you have a favorite part of the process?
My favorite part of the process is adding small details both when I am forming the pieces and painting them that reward a closer look.  A professor once told me it’s not the details you present to the viewer that make a piece special, but the ones you hide for them to discover on their own.

A recent show
A recent show

What is your most popular piece?
Mugs.  Mugs of any shape and size.  People in New England LOVE their coffee to a concerning degree.

Perfect to customize for my daughter's Christmas!
Perfect to customize for my daughter’s Christmas!

Can you personalize a piece for a client?
I personalize pieces with custom cats and dogs all the time! I’ve even painted koalas, bearded dragons, cows, and rabbits.  There’s a “Customize” tab on my website with all the info on how to place that order.

Where are you exhibiting this Fall and Holiday Season?
My show line-up for the fall/winter is really exciting!
RISD Craft 2019 in Providence, RI on October 12
Art Providence also in Providence, RI from November 8 – 10
Paradise City Marlborough in Marlborough, MA from November 22 – 24
Craft Boston Holiday in Boston, MA from December 13 – 15.

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