Platters, Bowls and Plates

A couple of weeks ahead of Christmas, and I’m thinking this corner of my kitchen needs a little attention. I could use some of my Italian ceramic bowls and platters to spruce it up.

So I pull together picture hanging hooks, a hammer, a measuring tape, and 4 Display Buddies (3 medium and 1 small).

I attach the medium Display Buddies to the backs of the 3 bowls, measure the wall space, tap in the picture hooks and…

… hang the bowls.

Next, I attach the small Display Buddie to the short ends of the small platter because I want to hang it vertically.

I hang the platter and decide a few more small plates would work to balance the space.

The 2 small plates have pre-drilled holes on the back rim, so I run a piece of wire through each one and hang them. In less than 15 minutes the corner is boring no more!

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