“How does a Display Buddie attach to an object?”

The hooks on the end of the arms are meant to grasp the edges of what you want to hang. Once those are in place you simply pull both cord ends firmly, to securely lock the cord-lock mechanism. The ends of the cords can be tucked under the cord lock or cut shorter.

“Do you recommend I use a nail or a picture hook to hang Display Buddie?”

You can use either a nail or a picture hook based on the weight and type of object you are hanging.

“Can I make adjustments to Display Buddie when I attached it to my object?”

Yes, of course you can. Display Buddie is flexible enough to adjust with small pliers or by hand. Once it is attached to your object you can press the arms to gently mold it to the shape of the object.

“What are the approximate weights and sizes the different models of Display Buddie can handle?”

  • Small: 9-13″ overall and up to 8 lbs
  • Medium: 10-16″ overall and up to 10 lbs
  • Large: Round objects 14-22″ overall and up to 10 lbs
  • X-L: 18-24″ overall and up to 10 lbs

“How do I use Display Buddie to hang a picture?”

Assemble your picture and 2 pieces of plexi-glass cut to size as well as foamcore or cardboard backing and a mat if you wish. Then attach Display Buddie to the back and hang it up. See an example on the Uses Page.

“What is a “Custom” Display Buddie?”

A “Custom” Display Buddie is for objects that are larger, or need more secure attachment then the small or medium Display Buddie can handle. For example, a platter over 18” in diameter may use a third Display Buddie arm on the cord to hold it at 3 points. Or a large poster might use 2 sets of Display Buddie arms on one length of cord for 4 points of hold. If you’re not sure, it’s best to email me at: and with a picture of what you want to hang so I can advise you the best course of action.

“How is Display Buddie shipped?”

Display Buddie is shipped via USPS, First Class mail, the following day the order is received.

“Do you ship Display Buddie outside the USA?”

Yes, we do. Please contact for assistance.

“What is the Exchange/Return Policy for Display Buddie?”

Display Buddie comes with a 100% money back guarantee. You may exchange or return your Display Buddie if you are not satisfied. Please mail it back to P.O. Box 728, Marion, MA 02738 and your exchange or refund will be sent to you. For our full Exchange and Refund Policy please see our Refund and Returns Policy Page.

“Where can I view your Terms and Conditions?”

For our full policy please see our Terms and Conditions Page.

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