Helpful Videos

Learn how to use Display Buddie for all of your wall décor ideas!

The adjustable wall décor hanger Display Buddie is a universal design, which is intuitive and easy to use. This page contains videos which can help you understand the different ways Display Buddie works.

Small Display Buddie: Adjustable Wall Hanger

Small Display Buddie Adjustable Wall Hanger: Review the simple parts that make up a Display Buddie.

Medium Display Buddie: Bowl Hanger

Medium Display Buddie Bowl Hanger: Learn how to attach a Medium Display Buddie to a 9″ pasta bowl.

Extra-Large Display Buddie: How-to

XL Display Buddie How-To video: Watch the steps to attach and hang an adjustable X-L Display Buddie onto a 19″ curved platter.

Display Buddie Adjustable Wall Décor Idea!

Display Buddie Adjustable Wall Décor Idea!: Learn how to easily change the Display Buddie armature to hang odd shaped objects.



Display Buddie Wall Decor Tips

Learn some useful tips for decorating your wall with Display Buddie.

What can you hang with a medium Display Buddie?

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