Large Display Buddie


Large Platter Hanger, Large Plate Hanger, Large Display Hanger, Large Bowl Hanger, Large Decor Hanger, Adjustable Platter Display

For objects over 14 inches, up to 10 pounds that need 3 points of holding contact.



The Large size adjustable Display Buddie listed for sale here is being used to hang the 20″ diameter & 3″ deep Octopus decorated pasta bowl in the group picture (see pictures 1 & 2) The Large adjustable Display Buddie has 3 sets of arms and is used if you have an object that needs 3 or more points of holding due to its weight, depth or diameter (see picture 3).

Convo me a picture of what you are trying to hang up and I can advise you whether you need a Medium adjustable Display Buddie or a Large adjustable DIsplay Buddie before you order.

Using a Large adjustable Display Buddie is as easy as using a Medium adjustable Display Buddie. Slip the curved ends of each arm over the edge of your item (you can also adjust the curved ends with a needle-nose plier if needed), and then pull the two cord ends to snug it to your item which also locks the cord lock. If you need to make an adjustment to the fit you simply push the cord lock button with your finger to release it, adjust the Display Buddie arms so they are evenly spaced around the circumference, and pull the cord ends again to snug and lock.

There is no product on the market that can hang an item like this and do it “invisibly”.

But Display Buddie can!

By the way, Display Buddie is safe and doesn’t scratch your objects or pinch your fingers when you use it.

I’m so sure you’ll like Display Buddie and what it can do that I offer a money back guarantee!

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