Fall Decorative Plate Wall Hanger

Fall Decorative Plate Wall Hanger

display buddie decorative wall hanging system

It’s the time of year to finish raking outside and get ready for the fall indoors. No one enjoys being stuck inside, but a nicely decorated home can help make your stay a bit nicer. It’s easy to decorate tables with festive vases, candles, and other items, but it can be challenging decorating your walls. Most people think of pictures when they decide to hang something on the wall; however with the Display Buddie, you are not limited to only pictures and it is an excellent decorative plate wall hanger. Hanging decorative plates on your walls is a great way to help get your home ready for fall.

Novblog2.jpgWhen decorating for fall, it’s important to decorate in a tasteful and festive way. It’s always great to decorate using fall colors as well. Orange, red, yellow, green, and brown are all great colors to use when choosing the decorations to use. Creating a bouquet of flowers with those colors can be a great accent piece for a wall. The right plates, platters, and serving trays can be hung on walls to provide unique decorations as well.

The best solution for a decorative plate wall hanger is the Display Buddie. It’s quick and easy to attach to the back of the object and then hung on a wall. You can see how seamless the Display Buddie attaches to the back of a plate or platter and is adjusted to fit the exact size. There is not easier way to hang a decorate plate on a wall.

If you’d like to order a small, medium or large Display Buddie, you can purchase this amazing fall decorative plate wall hanger here.

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