DIY Valentine Day Door Decoration

DIY Valentine Day Door Decoration

Hey there, friends! I want to show you something handy that I did for Valentine’s Day that you can you do for just about any holiday.
I wanted to try something a little different than wreaths or plaques on my front door. Instead of decorating with plate hangers on my interior walls only, I decided to spruce up my front door with a DIY Valentine’s Day door decoration utilizing a cookie platter and…
…a Medium Display Buddie wall hanger… Just look how cute it is!
If you are new to this blog Display Buddie is the ultimate adjustable object holder. That’s right, it can hang all sorts of sized and shaped items you may own, collect or want to purchase. It’s a versatile adjustable heavy duty wall hanger that isn’t just for plates and platters, even though at first glance it may look like a “plate hanger”.
But back to the how I pulled this project together…
First, I started off by getting a simple cardboard poster to use as a mounting board for my centerpiece. I then used rubber cement to attach a piece of hand-made wrapping paper from a local craft store to it as the color inspiration.

Next, I sourced a heart-shaped platter and using my Medium Display Buddie adjustable plate hanger, I attached the hooks to the plate and pulled the cord ends apart from each other to activate the cord lock for a secure fit

Attaching the plate to the cardboard took a few minutes to figure out. I took a separate piece of cord and ran it horizontally between the 2 wire armatures on the back of the platter, and then fed the ends through holes I had already measured and punched through the cardboard backing. Then I secured the cords on the back with a separate cord lock. My next step was to add the Velcro mounting tabs at each of the 4 corners.
Here’s a look from the back

And a look from the front:

Next, I attached the corresponding Velcro tabs to the door. The last step was to line-up and press the 4 corners of board Velcro together with those on the door. Leaving the shopping aside, the whole project took about an hour.

The finishing touch was an armload of pussy-willows as Daisy the cat wouldn’t stand still for the photo .

I hope you found some signs of Spring to enjoy in February too!

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