Deck the Walls this Holiday

Deck the Walls this Holiday

display buddie decorative wall hanging for holidays

When decorating for the holidays this year; with a little help from the Display Buddie, you can have your walls looking festive in no time. Besides the traditional things people usually hang on walls, there are a number of items you may not have considered that can make your home look great for the holidays. Since the Display Buddie comes in small, medium and large, it can help hang virtually any object you can think of on your walls. Here are just a few unique ideas of different items you can hang that will make your home look great this year.

Decorative Plates

Decorative plates are great accent pieces for your walls as a way to decorate for the Holidays. The Display Buddie comes in three different sizes, so it can accommodate various plate sizes you have. A great way to organize the plates on the wall is to group them with various sizes to give a more engaging pattern. Any festive decorative plate can be used to give your wall an attractive look. I found the Santa plate at my local Target and the smaller plates were found at T.J. Maxx.

Decorative Platters

Decorative plates aren’t the only things you can hang on the wall with the Display Buddie, with the large Display Buddie, you can hang a larger object like a platter as well. You can combine decorative platters with other decorations for a more complete look. When grouping different objects, they should all compliment each other.

Candle Holders

The Display Buddie can hold up to 10 pounds, so even heavier objects can be hung on the walls with ease. Candle holders can make a truly unique and beautiful decoration that is sure to please. I’d probably recommend using the battery operated candles though to make sure the walls don’t get too hot.

Potpourri Baskets

The right potpourri basket can be added to your walls with the help of the Display Buddie. It’s a great way to make any room look nice and keep it smelling wonderful. The silver star potpourri basket in this picture is the perfect holiday decoration.


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