Heart-Shaped Platters Hung with Display Buddie

Trying to hang decorations on a wall can be frustrating, especially when they are not a typical shape and size, so here’s another opportunity for Display Buddie to be your one-stop solution.

Display Buddie comes in a variety of sizes and the armature is interchangeable too, so you can easily customize them to fit your specific needs. Let me show you how Display Buddie can handle this kind of challenge.

I found these 2 cute holiday-themed serving platters while doing my recent shop at Target.

(I also hung a Nate Berkus vase from Target using Display Buddie: click here!)


For the pink heart tray, I combined one Medium Display Buddie armature for the top and one Small Display Buddie armature for the bottom, on the same cord. Then hook the ends of the armatures around the edges of the tray.


Using my fingers, I smooth out and push the armature to take the shape of the tray.


Now that everything is in place, pull the two ends of the cord firmly to activate the self-locking cord lock.


Tuck the cord under the cord lock and the pink heart is ready to hang!


It can be hung on it’s own or with a vase or other family keepsakes to make a beautiful holiday conversation piece.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Such a simple way to brighten up your winter day!

To see how to combine a Small and a Medium Display Buddie, click here and watch my re-sizing video, or buy one now!


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